proteccion contra incendios madrid en centros logisticos

Fire protection in logistics centers

According to statistics, more than a third of fires occur in areas used for storage and logistics. Logistics companies optimize their resources by storing a large number of products in the smallest possible space, which entails a high risk in the event of a fire, since the rapid spread of fire can seriously compromise the company.

When designing a good fire protection plan it will be necessary to consider the different areas to be protected (storage areas with shelves, servers, transit areas for cargo vehicles, pedestrian traffic, etc.) and the characteristics of the goods that are stored (if they are flammable or not) in a way that prevents, protects and maintains the safety of the people who work in it.

The choice of a good Fire Protection system is essential to avoid serious consequences of both material and human damage. Active and passive protection elements will make up this system.

proteccion contra incendios en centros logisticos

Fire Protection Systems for Logistics Centers

Active protection measures will help detect and extinguish the spread of a possible fire quickly. Active protection is regulated by the RSCIEI (Fire Safety Regulations in Industrial Establishments).

Passive measures will act to keep the structure of the ship safe and will define the escape routes. The CTE (Technical Building Code) establishes the applicable regulations defining suitable materials for the construction of the warehouse and its adequate insulation to adjacent buildings.

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Elements of a FP system for logistics centers

With the Inveron Hazard Management System from MinimaxIt is possible to have complete and continuous hazard information at several thousand control points, in a single interface, for fire detection and extinction.

Graphically and in real time, allowing appropriate decisions to be made in the face of any warning or real fire, guaranteeing the integral safety of the ship or building.

Among the different elements that collaborate to prevent the spread of fire both actively and passively, we find the following, all of which can be integrated into the Minimax Inveron management system:

  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Fire-fighting water supply systems
  • Fire hydrant system.
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Equipped fire hydrant systems
  • Dry column systems
  • Fixed automatic sprinkler and water spray extinguishing systems.
  • Fixed water mist extinguishing systems
  • Fixed physical foam extinguishing systems
  • Fixed gaseous agent extinguishing systems
  • Smoke and heat control systems
  • Fire doors.
  • Illuminated warning signs
  • Structural Protection
  • Compartmentalization
  • Facility sealing
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Fire Company specialized in Logistics Centers

It is important that the installation and start-up of this PCI system is carried out by an approved Fire Protection company that guarantees compliance with the regulations in force.

Pefipresa, a company specializing in the design and installation of Fire Protection systems for large installations, provides tailor-made solutions for logistics warehouse projects.