The global business of the Minimax Viking Group on different continents and in different cultures requires a common vision of the principles of corporate activity by all employees and people who act as representatives of the Group.

The Minimax Viking Group does not doubt that a prolonged success can only be achieved when the Group as a whole is able to enjoy an excellent reputation, which on the ground is the result of its products, services and other competences, as well as it is based on high standards in terms of business ethics maintained by its managers, executives, employees and representatives. In this sense, the Minimax Viking Group’s Code of Conduct establishes guidelines for action under respect and compliance with applicable legislation, ethical standards and integrity levels.

In this framework, and starting from the basis of the Code of Conduct of the Minimax Viking Group, from Pefipresa we intend to apply the principles of the Organización Internacional del Trabajo (ILO) and the principles of the World Pact of the United Nations also in the phases of our chain from supply and services prior to nosotros. This Code of Conduct for Business Partners serves as a basis for the totality of our contractual relationships for all companies of our Group worldwide.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

In the same way, we expect that all transactions with our Commercial Partners are subject to strict compliance with laws and regulations applicable to exports and other foreign trade controls (according to the laws of Spain, the European Union and the USA), monitoring the sanctioning and blocking regimes that can restrict contracting with certain countries or individuals. Therefore, all offers and/or order confirmations, resulting contracts and other contractual agreements related to agreements and service provision imply the acceptance of this clause of compliance with legislation on exports:

Clause of compliance with legislation in the field of exports


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