Training Fire Protection Showroom in Madrid



PEFIPRESA SHOWROOM – Feel in the present the security you can have in the future!

Through various spaces, PEFIPRESA shows in a real way and from the sensations, its way of designing, installing and maintaining fire protection systems from the hand of a great brand like MINIMAX.

With more than 50 years’ experience achieves from a personalised treatment to be able to make its work known and most importantly, in the phase prior to the future installation.

On the other hand, PEFIPRESA, by means of this totally functional SHOWROOM, together with its long experience in the training area, promotes it in a global way, covering both the theoretical part in its large training classroom, and the practical part, being able to see, touch and operate, without fear, in real installations, covering all the phases of a project; design, installation, start-up and maintenance by means of a SHOWROOM equipped with the most relevant equipment, accompanied by the most modern technology by means of various multimedia equipment.

Areas within the Showroom

From six different spaces, PEFIPRESA puts in your hand the possibility of being able to see, hear and touch different fire protection solutions, feeling first hand the safety of a job well done, and based on the best solutions in both active and passive protection.

The structure is as follows:

showroom madrid formacion proteccion contra incendios

Space 1: Gas-based suppression systems

Room composition

This space houses various detection and alarm systems associated with fire extinguishing systems, fully operational and the most important extinguishing agents with different possible configurations depending on the risk to be protected.

Space 2: Detection/alarm systems and passive fire protection

Room composition

This area is composed of two parts; detection and alarm systems for active fire protection and various sectorization systems for the passive form.

In reference to the active protection, there is a technical wall with a complete alarm and detection systems installed on it, fully operating and configured with an analog loop, with the most used type of components of MINIMAX linked to a main control panel. On the other hand, we can also we can see the successful MINIMAX solutions  in detecting and extinguishing sparks in ducts, using a MINIMAX panel specific for this purpose.

The other large part of the space is occupied by a wall with various sectoring solutions for passive protection. To simulate a dividing wall for two sectors, a vertical wall has been constructed to demonstrate a fully operational sectoring curtain. The solution incorporates a KBS (BASF) system which is distributed exclusively by PEFIPRESA within Spain.

Space 3: Automatic water and foam sprinkler system

Room composition

This space houses the main types of sprinklers and check control valves (wet, dry, preaction and deluge with electrical and pneumatic activation) and are fully operating.

Whilst connected to the deluge check control valve by pneumatic activation, a FIREDOS hydraulic foam proportioner is available, with its foam tank.

Space 4: Automatic sprinkler system in ceiling and intemediate level in shelves

Room composition

This space has been equipped with various shelves, to manage their protection through a complete system of both ceiling and intermediate level sprinklers as well as their aspiration smoke detection systems (ASD).

In the same area, there are various extinguishing systems through equipped hose reel, including a hose reel with a foam supply and a specific hose reel with CO2.

Space 5: Stationary Pumps for fire protection systems

Room composition

In this space we have the heart of active fire protection facilities based on water-foam, the stationary pumps for fire protection.

In this case, we have opted for a typical configuration, consisting of jockey pump, the main electric pump, diesel pump, their control boxes, and other elements that make up this group composition.

It includes a cabinet for remote transmission modules, test collector, ventilation grilles, ceiling sprinklers, etc. All of these components can be seen fully operating.


Composition of the EXTERIOR

In the outdoor space, you can see the fire water reserve tank and an area created to demonstrate the different types of sprinklers and nozzles. 

You can see how the water and foam discharge and their performance under the various systems.