Preventive and Corrective FP Maintenance



Unlike other types of installations, such as air conditioning, electricity, ACS, etc., Fire Protection installations usually sit in a “rest” state.  In the case they fail to operate, they do not provide signals to indicate a problem in their operation.   However, it is possible to detect errors with the fire detection and alarm systems through the central power units that signal/notify users.   This is not the case for mechanical systems.

The continuous rest state of Fire Protection installations can soon cause attention to these facilities to be relaxed when in fact it should be, the contrary should occur.

The maintenance of fire protection facilities is as, if not more important than the installation itself. If at the time of operation the system is not ready or fails to function, taking the corrective action becomes limited and the level of damage is heightened due to its exponential relationship to response times. Additionally, it is important to consider that Fire Protection installations typically function under difficult conditions, such as; high temperatures, explosion risk, etc.

Under the Fire Protection Facilities Regulations, fire protection systems require regular reviews. PEFIPRESA provides maintenance for fire protection systems in compliance with the new RD513/2017.

These reviews are essential for our security. Fire protection systems and equipment must be properly designed and installed, but we must also ensure that they are fully operational when they are required.

PEFIPRESA, as a member of the MINIMAX Group, it has more than 50 years’ experience in the fire protection sector.  It carries out both preventive and corrective maintenance whilst following strict quality standards.  It also optimises the usage of the latest technology and promotes innovation to ensure safety levels for all.

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