Pipe prefabrication



PEFIPRESA tracks each project from detailed engineering to on-site delivery, whilst complying with its internal manufacturing standards, FM Global and the ISO standards for our Quality and Environmental Department.

PEFIPRESA can currently produce up to 500 outputs/sprinklers per shift, and up to 900 outputs/sprinklers per day. Keeping the project traceability and after going through quality controls, PEFIPRESA prefabricates specific pipe for each project, being able to reach 200,000 outlets/sprinklers per year, in sprinkler pipes.

PEFIPRESA designs cutting edge fire protection systems, with EN 10217, EN 10216, EN 1255W (SS) and ASTM pipes. The models can be manufactured up to 9 meters long with diameters from 1¼ in. up to 8 in., with outputs between DN20 and DN80.

Innovation is essential to the continuous development fire protection sector. As a means to improving the quality of products and services provided by PEFIPRESA, the in-house factory has created a leak testing system to that end.

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