PEFIPRESA is a subsidiary of the German group MINIMAX, with more than 100 years of experience worldwide and is now one of the leaders in fire protection systems.

PEFIPRESA has been established in Spain for more than 50 years and more than 30 years in Portugal.

PEFIPRESA has been conveniently distributed throughout Spain allowing us to provide our customers with a fast, efficient and personalized service.

All our fire protection activities are aimed at the protection of lives, property, respect for the environment and the satisfaction of our clients.

PEFIPRESA offers global solutions in the field of fire protection covering:

  • Design / Detailed Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Furthermore, in order to promote the culture of fire protection, our company offers:

  • Advise
  • Consultancy
  • Showroom Training

PEFIPRESA aims to continue being a global reference in fire protection, with the goal of contributing to a safer and more sustainable world whilst respecting the environment for the benefit of all, both in the present and in the future.



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At the heart of safeguarding the environment, continue to be the global benchmark in fire protection guided by innovation, knowledge and experience for a safer and more sustainable world.
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Make a difference to society by being at the forefront of innovation with professional experts driven by ethics, integrity and human rights as the basis for exemplary corporate governance being core to our growth and development.

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Over 50 years of providing benefits to our society and customers by standing out in the market with our experience, knowledge, strong ethics, listening, efficiency, responsibility, proactivity, transparency and working in a strong team environment whilst taking care of the integrity of our brand.




Through the most advanced technology, PEFIPRESA consolidates itself once again at the forefront of Fire Protection Safety, being a forerunner in a development of these characteristics for the Maintenance activity.

The key to PEFIPRESA’s success would not have been possible without the following points:

  • ADAPTABILITY: Have knowledge about the market and the business that allows us to anticipate and respond to market changes with ease.
  • COMMITMENT: Dedication to meeting personal and professional commitments is recognized both internally and externally.
  • INNOVATION: Design creative and forward thinking business solutions that anticipate clients’ needs.
  • CLIENT FOCUSED: It is an internal and external reference when seeking to provide solutions and meet customer needs.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Continuous search of challenges in all areas of fire protection.
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PEFIPRESA sets and promotes a culture of sustainability at each stage of the manufacturing process, product supply and service delivery. Our objective is to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment through the responsible use of resources, minimization of waste and environmental awareness.



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Human Resources

PEFIPRESA is part of the internationally recognised group MINIMAX. With over 50 years’ experience in the fire protection industry, we have established a leadership position within the sector. This position would not have been possible without the effort, experience and the professionalism of more than 230 people who make up our team, our most valuable asset.

Conscious of the degree of specialization that is required in this field of work, the Human Resources department is committed to the continuous training and development of all its employees, providing job security, promoting its needs to attract and retain talent combined with a solid strategy based on equality, diversity and teamwork as a source of innovation.

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PEFIPRESA marketing goes far beyond the concept of traditional marketing, our philosophy is based on creating, communicating, and generating value for our customers and our environment, in order to enhance and strengthen our relationships effectively, directly and transparently.

PEFIPRESA is committed to its unique style which it has developed over its 50 years in fire protection security, taking the brand image to every part of the company. Marketing is part of PEFIPRESA’s DNA. Its historical impression is its true legacy.

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Quality and Environment

PEFIPRESA strongly believes in Quality and Environmental Management Systems, which reflects both the heart of our work and the vision we share with our stakeholders (clients, business partners, society, etc.). 

Therefore, it counts on its Quality and Environmental Department to work with business partners and clients by offering security and obtaining optimal results in its daily management. 

Teamwork and working in harmony are key factors in ensuring quality throughout the lifecycle of our products and services. It is with the support of a large global entity such as MINIMAX, that we are mindful of society and a sustainable tomorrow in terms of the environment.


Download our HSEQ Politics
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Purchasing Department

PEFIPRESA’s Purchasing Department supports our production teams by providing a continuous flow of supplies efficiently and productivity, without compromising on quality and service that supports our professional journey in an increasingly demanding sector.

PEFIPRESA’s Purchasing Department works closely in an integrated manner with all parties that make up our organizational structure. We have a clearly defined process flow to optimise the management of our activities.

In short, our Purchasing Department is an efficient operational tool within our organisation, generating an indirect value to stakeholders, and therefore opportunities and strategic value to the entire company.

The ultimate goal of the Purchasing Department is to achieve maximum quality and assurances in our activities in a competitive and timely manner. At PEFIPRESA, the Purchasing Department and our business activity go hand in hand, with maximum commitment to ensure our work is delivered successfully and to the satisfaction of our customers.

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Risk Prevention Service

Our upmost priority at PEFIPRESA is the condition in which our employees and collaborators work. It is a fundamental objective to ensure that all those working with us on and off-site are provided the appropriate health and safety conditions required to carry out their work.

At PEFIPRESA our Risk Preventions Service is integrated with the Occupational Health and Safety Department which is streamlined into the organizations inherent in their activities. It provides the relevant safety equipment to guarantee the protection of its employed and runs periodic risk assessments on the various activities.

The commitments are based on the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard which are documented and reviewed periodically.

PEFIPRESA, conscious of safety!

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Nowadays, Information Technology exists in almost all the tasks we perform and in almost all the products we consume. It is complicated to think about any process in a company, without it.

In the IT Department, we take care of the management and administration of the company’s computer systems, with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum technical and technological performance so employees are able to fulfill their daily work productively and efficiently.

We have qualified personnel that provide both on-site and remote support to all our offices in Spain, Portugal and Argentina.

For our analytical, processing and financial management of the business, we actively use SAP the most powerful ERP in the market. With its various features we are able to respond to our clients’ needs efficiently and offer a quality service to our customers. The greatest benefit IT brings to our company is the ability to keep our employees informed and updated, through good communication.