Tips to avoid fires on the night of San Juan

Tips to avoid fires on the night of San Juan

Every year, on June 23rd, the night of San Juan is celebrated and, with it, the arrival or the summer solstice. According to tradition, a bonfire must be made over which one must jump, symbolizing a step towards the new, leaving the bad in the fire.

The increasing occurrence of bonfires has made the authorities regulate the public places in which bonfires are allowed.

But well, if we want to have a nice night to remember and without incident, at Pefipresa we offer the following recommendations to take into account.

how to avoid fires on the night of San Juan

What to do on the night of San Juan

  • Request permission from local authorities to light the fire.
  • Make sure that the weather conditions are suitable, if it is very windy it is best not to carry out the bonfire to prevent the fire from getting out of control.
  • If the bonfire is made on asphalt or another type of ground that can be damaged, should put sand or earth underneath to avoid damage.
  • The most suitable material to make the bonfire is wood, avoid the use of paper, cloth, accelerators such as gasoline or alcohol. Nor should pyrotechnic elements, plastics, tires, oils, etc. be thrown. since its combustion results in toxic gases
  • Do not throw sprays into the fire as they explode and can cause harm to people.
  • Locate the bonfire away from forest land, houses, vehicles, urban furniture, telephone or electrical lines.
Tips to avoid fires San Juan night
    • In the surroundings of the bonfire there should be no open doors or windows and no clothes on the line.
    • The environment must be clear to facilitate a possible intervention by emergencies (firefighters, ambulances…)
    • Although it is tradition, the bonfire should not be jumped.
    • Once the day is over, make sure that the bonfire is properly extinguished avoiding embers or embers, you can use water or sand.
    • Have a water hose or a fire extinguisher ready within reach in case it is necessary to use it to extinguish the fire.
    • In the event of a burn, apply clean water to the area for 15 minutes, do not use disinfectants or ointments.
    • Always supervise the campfire by an adult keep children away from the fire.
    • In any emergency, call 112.

    With these simple tips we will make sure to enjoy a safe San Juan night.

    Pefipresa, FP company at the forefront of fire safety