Dry Riser Systems



When a fire occurs, speed and efficiency of the firefighting services to control and extinguish fires are crucial in preventing its spread and damage in most cases.

With the construction and height of high rise buildings growing in major cities in recent years, we face new challenges in the fight against fire. Where a fire occurs, and cannot be managed by the fire protection measures within the building itself, professional firefighters will need to intervene.

All buildings are required to have a certain infrastructure so that, in the event of a fire, firefighters can intervene easily and without any difficulty. As long stretches of hose pipes may be needed to reach the fire on higher levels of the building, this can generate complications for firefighters and therefore cause delays in initiating the extinction. This is where dry risers play a fundamental role.

Here in PEFIPRESA, Fire Protection Company, we are aware of the importance and need for well-designed, installed as well as maintained and inspected of the installation. Once the installation is complete, it needs to be well-maintained and inspected, as this type of installation is unique when it is in an inactive state.  As the system does not contain water or pressure unless it is in use problems can only be detected when tested or worse in the event of a fire when the firefighting services are required.  Unless the system is installed and tested well, the result could lead to safety issues to firefighters and consequently risk lives and property, in spite of the initial investment of the installation.

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The dry riser is an extinguishing system which is for the EXCLUSIVE USE OF FIREMEN.  It basically consists of a conduit of dry pipe made of galvanized steel that runs along the façade of the protected building.  The system is located in an accessible area leading to each floors of the building through a stairwell with various feeding points for the firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Here at PEFIPRESA we use our security awareness, proven experience and professionalism to make certain that despite the simplicity of installations like this we always use materials of the highest quality, pay attention to details and ensure supervision, checks and inspections take place. We follow very strict and widely contrasted procedures in order to ensure the system design is fit for its purpose.

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