Fire Detection and Alarm Systems



The possibility of reacting to a fire comes from being able to detect and communicate its onset effectively in the shortest timeframe as possible.

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The level of safety that detection and alarm systems can give is determined by the effective detection and communication functions of the system. This phase is then followed by the control, suppression or extinction of the fire. Since the amount of damage caused is directly related to time, the longer it takes to receive the information by the detection and alarm systems, the damage grows exponentially.

As the fire detection system forms the first connection to a sequence of systems being triggered to control the event of a fire, any delay or failure of the systems to communicate and interact will seriously hinder the success rate of the fire protection process.

Here at PEFIPRESA, we understand the importance of making quality risk assessments, selecting the right systems, designs, installations, commissioning and maintenance whilst ensuring the multiple fire protection systems interact effectively in order to protect property, lives and business continuity. With our company’s philosophy, experience and professionalism we provide comprehensive fire protection solutions making PEFIPRESA a great ally in firefighting.

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The fire detection and alarm systems are the brain to active fire protection installations, and therefore, they are of vital importance. Thanks to these systems, we are able to control states, activations or manoeuvres in addition to all types of alarm and signalling systems. Therefore, the appropriate design, system and installation are vitally important. PEFIPRESA, installs these systems to achieve the highest requirements, combined with the most effective and optimal solution.

It is essential to combine expertise in fire protection engineering with experience, whilst taking the minimum standards into consideration or in their absence use design based performance in hands of the most advanced technology from the innocation to obtain the best solution in the market in terms of safety, for the benefit of people, assets and the environment.

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