AXA SEGUROS conoce la experiencia que ofrece el SHOWROOM de PEFIPRESA

AXA Insurance visits the Pefipresa showroom to experience our systems first-hand

PEFIPRESA’s Technical Manager holds an exclusive technical conference in the showroom and technical training area for AXA Insurance’s entire Risk Prevention and Control team.

The day was divided into three parts:

The first was held in the training area, where the features of the new fire regulation RD 513/2017 were presented.

The second part involved a visit to the SHOWROOM, where a technical review of how the fire protection systems interact and a live view of automatic extinguishers of gaseous agents, fire alarm and detection system, fire-fighting pumps, passive protection, automatic water and foam sprinklers, and ceiling and shelve (to target intermediate levels) based water sprinklers.

Also in this section, AXA Insurance’s technical staff received a demonstration of the various nozzles and sprinklers being triggered in the external part of PEFIPRESA’s showroom.

Thanks to the showroom, AXA Insurance’s technicians were able to experience the systems functioning live.

Finally, time was allocated to share experiences and exchange views during a cocktail at the facilities of PEFIPRESA.

It was a pleasure for PEFIPRESA to have a great team of professionals from AXA Insurance visit our training centre and showroom. We would like to thank them all for their interest with a special thank you to the Risk Control of and Prevention Manager, Fernando Fernández.