caser seguros visits showrrom fp pefipresa madrid

Caser Seguros visits the Pefipresa FP Showroom

We recently received a visit from CASER Seguros at our facilities to participate in a conference on the main concerns that insurance companies have regarding certain risks, specifically focused on fire protection. During this visit, we had the opportunity to show them our showroom and share our specialized knowledge in this matter.

At PEFIPRESA, we collaborate closely with insurance companies such as CASER Seguros to guarantee adequate fire protection. During the day, we provide theoretical and practical information on the methods and equipment necessary to keep properties and lives safe from fires. With a visit to the FP showroom in Madrid, participants closely explore the technical solutions presented and check how they can be applied in real risk situations.

We thank CASER Seguros for their interest in our experience in fire protection and for trusting us as their partner in this area. We hope to continue collaborating and providing effective solutions in this important security field.

PEFIPRESA through training, it offers professionals the tools and knowledge necessary to advise their clients and minimize the risks associated with their activities.