Comite sectorial de calificacion en Extincion y Deteccion CEPREVEN

PEFIPRESA, elected for the Committee of Qualification in Fire Extinction and Detection, CEPREVEN

At SICUR during the General Assembly of Qualified Companies for the Provision of Services in Prevention and Safety on 21st February 2018, elections for the committee selection of CEPREVEN were held. CEPREVEN’s mission is to annually inspect installation companies, evaluate qualified providers to ensure standards are being maintained and check they operate according to their accreditations.

The elections are based on nominations made by qualified companies (determined by the number of qualifications they possess) for three committees within CEPREVEN, each containing three installation representatives.

The list of committees is as follows:

  • Sectoral committee for the Qualification in Extinction and Detection.
  • Sectoral committee for the Engineering qualification.
  • Sectoral committee for Qualification in Temperature Control and Smoke Evacuation Systems.

In accordance with PEFIPRESA‘s qualifications, it participated as a candidate for both the Committee of Extinction and Detection and the Systems of Temperature Control and Evacuation of Smoke.

PEFIPRESA was successfully elected to sit on the Committee of Extinction and Detection.

For the Committee of Temperature Control and Smoke Evacuation Systems, a random selection was made to complete the selection process following two consecutive draws in joint third position. We hold a reserve position. It is our objective to fulfill this selection in the next round of elections at SICUR.

Recognition of PEFIPRESA by the industry to form part of the sectoral Committee for qualification in Extinction and Detection, within CEPREVEN is one of the most important given the volume of facilities covered and their magnitude.

Through the committee PEFIPRESA contributes to the sector as well as actively participating in events, forums, committees, congresses, and etc. in the interests of trust and support from within the sector and continuosly working to the benefit of all.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the sector for their support, which encourages us to continue our effort, perseverance and our ultimate goal of continuous improvements in the sector for our present and the future security.

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