inmejorable comienzo ano Director General pefipresa Adrian Gomez

An outstanding start to the year for our General Director, Mr. Adrián Gómez

Opening with the Tecnifuego meeting at SICUR, Mr. Adrián Gómez was awarded with a plaque in recognition of his career and his contribution to the fire safety industry in Spain. Hence, framing him as one of the most renowned and emblematic professionals in the fire protection sector.

Further to this recognition, he was also elected the new President of Tecnifuego Aespi (a professional non-profit association that brings together companies dedicated to fire protection which is represented by government bodies, users, and other entities).

In his first speech as the new president of Tecnifuego Aespi, our Director, Mr. Adrián Gómez proposed as a priority of his mandate the awareness of both the Administration and citizens of the importance of fire safety. “When we hear that an old man has died at home during the night because of a fire, we who are here, know that a simple detector would have alerted him and it is more than likely that it would have saved his life. We have to communicate that to society, to the Administration and to insurance companies” said Adrián Gómez, who insisted in his inaugural speech that fire protection saves lives. From here, we congratulate you and wish you the best of success for your future.

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