Estrategias de implantacion BIM para la PYME

Pefipresa participates in the conference on BIM implementation strategies for SMEs

BuildingSMART Spain successfully held the first day on BIM implementation strategies for SMEs. This event was organized by the Interministerial Commission for the incorporation of the BIM methodology in public procurement (CIBIM) in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility.

The conference took place in the Jose María Cuevas room of the CEOE in Madrid and was attended by more than 600 people, representing different types of SMEs in the sector. The main objective of this day was to disseminate the advantages of the use of BIM among SMEs, encourage the exchange of implementation experiences and promote networking and the creation of a BIM community.

During the event, the institutional strategies underway for the implementation of BIM were presented, as well as the experiences of some SMEs that have already begun their implementation process. The Undersecretary of Transport and Sustainable Mobility presented the BIM Plan in public procurement of the General State Administration, approved by the Council of Ministers.

This plan establishes the gradual and progressive incorporation of BIM in public contracts related to construction, according to a calendar based on the estimated value of the contract.

The importance of institutional support for SMEs in their digitalization process was highlighted and the role of digitalization in boosting the competitiveness of companies was highlighted. Representatives of BuildingSMART Spain and the National Construction Confederation also emphasized the potential of BIM as an opportunity to compete and achieve the ecological and digital transition in the sector.

implantacion BIM en PYME

The Construction Labor Foundation and BuildingSMART Spain presented their strategies and resources available for BIM training and promoted the use of open standards in the construction sector.

In addition, the experiences of BIM implementation by different SMEs in the sector were shared, highlighting the importance of training staff in this new methodology.

We highlight the presentation of David Segura, Technical Director of PEFIPRESA. As a great expert on the subject, he offered a talk titled “BIM, building together. BIM implementation strategies for SMEs” where he addressed the challenges and opportunities that SMEs face when adopting the BIM methodology in their construction processes. He highlighted the importance of adequate planning and strategy based on the specific needs of each company , since the implementation of BIM involves organizational, technological and personnel training changes.

With concrete examples and success stories, Segura demonstrated how SMEs can benefit from the implementation of BIM in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality in their projects. In addition, he shared practical tips on how to overcome potential barriers and limitations, and how to make the most of all the tools and functionalities that BIM offers.

David Segura’s talk was highly valued by attendees, who highlighted his ability to clearly and concisely convey the benefits and challenges of implementing BIM in the SME field. His practical approach and his experience in the sector allowed attendees to gain relevant knowledge and take away ideas that they can apply in their own companies.

The event was a success and it was announced that a second day will be held on December 15 in which BIM use cases in SMEs in the field of engineering and architecture will be presented.