cepreven ratings pci maintenance

Pefipresa renews CEPREVEN Ratings in the Maintenance area

PEFIPRESA, such as fire protection installation and maintenance company, renews its Ratings CEPREVEN, which guarantee the high quality of the services offered with regard to maintenance of said PCI systems.

In order to achieve these qualifications, PEFIPRESA has met the necessary requirements in the following factors:

  • Stability
  • Technical competence of personnel
  • Reliability of procedures
  • Quality of maintenance and after-sales services


The Cepreven Qualification, which is optional and complementary to the mandatory UNE requirements, guarantees the quality of our services and the correct execution of preventive maintenance, which helps guarantee the operation of the system in case of emergency. .

For PEFIPRESA, successfully complying with the requirements established by Cepreven allows us to maintain high quality standards for our clients and achieve excellence in all our fire protection installations.