PEFIPRESA patrocinador de las jornadas sobre el Nuevo RIPCI

PEFIPRESA, sponsors the conference on the launch of the New RIPCI

PEFIPRESA sponsored the conference on “The New Regulation of Fire Protection Installations (RIPCI): Consequences and impact in the PCI sector”.

PEFIPRESA is commited to the dissemination of information and the promotion of professionalization in the fire protection sector. It has sponsored several seminars held by Cepreven and Tecnifuego Aespi in several cities within Spain raising the awareness of the new regulation RD 513/2017, innovations and changes as well as the consequences of its implementation in each of the CCAA. Suggestions and feedback form the sestor were also collected.

The conference was very well received and highly distinguished representatives form the fire protection sector also attended.

PEFIPRESA, being a participant in this type of event, collaborates directly in the dissemination of the latest regulatory news and therefore, contributes to the continuous improvements in terms of safety in fire protection.

From PEFIPRESA, we are pleased with the positive impact the RIPCI will hace on the sector, based on the increase in requirements of this new Royal Decree, in favor of fire protection safety.