50 anos de Pefipresa

Pefipresa’s 50th Anniversary

The year 2016 marked 50 years since PEFIPRESA began its operations. To celebrate its milestone PEFIPRESA held a celebratory event on 17th December 2016, at the Santo Domingo Hotel in which all companies belonging to the group also attended.

The General Director, Adrián Gómez began the celebrations with an opening speech followed by presentations from PEFIPRESA Portugal, Minimax Argentina and Incipresa to showcase how the companies greatest achievements and how they have envolved over the past 50 years.

With approximately 180 attendees from all the offices and some retirees, we were able to reunite those who have contributed to the overall success of the group and those who are actively part of the ongoing development and achievements.

The event ended with a fantastic lunch where all those attending from the national and international offices were able to meet face to face and take the opportunity to celebrate their excellent work and enormous contributions over the years. Behind excellent work there ir always a team of excellent people.

The celebration of 100 years will be narrated by others, however all those who have endeavored to reach the group’s goals for the past 50 years are creating the foundation for the next milestone and hence will be part of that future commemoration.