publicado en BOE nuevo ripci Real Decreto 5132017

Published in the official state gazette, BOE. The new regulation for fire protection facilities by Royal Decree 513/2017

As anticipated in an earlier article, the Royal Decree 513/2017 has been officially published in the State Gazette “Boletín Oficial del Estado” (BOE) today, 12th June 2017. This new regulation covers how fire protection facilities are tested.

In this new Royal Decree replaces the previous RD 1942-1993 and includes aspects to be taken into account in terms of design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems.

As to its structure, two fundamental parts can be identified:

  • Part 1

The regulation itself, has been divided into 6 chapters:

Chapter I: General provisions. The objective and subjective material scope of application. Definitions

Chapter II: Fire protection products. Requirements for fire protection products. Compliance accreditation of Fire Protection requirements. Standard models. Claims procedure the denial or withdrawal of compliant brands and technical suitability assessments. Control of products.

Chapter III: Fire protection installation and maintenance companies. Scope of activity. Requirements. Qualification/certification. Obligations. Cessation of activity.

Chapter IV: Installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire protection systems.

Chapter V: Periodic inspections of fire protection Installations.

Chapter VI. Penalty procedure. Infringements and sanctions.

  • Part 2

Its structure is based on three annexes containing technical provisions:

  • Annex I, Characteristics and installation of fire protection equipment and systems

Section 1ª. Active fire protection.

  1. Fire detection and alarm systems.
  2. Water supply systems for Fire Protection.
  3. Fire hydrant systems.
  4. Fire extinguishers.
  5. Equipped fire hydrant systems.
  6. Dry columns systems.
  7. Fixed extinguishing systems by automatic sprinklers and water spray.
  8. Fixed water mist extinguishing systems.
  9. Fixed physical foam extinguishing systems.
  10. Fixed systems of extinction by dust.
  11. Fixed systems of extinction by gaseous agents.
  12. Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems.
  13. Smoke and heat control systems
  14. Fire retardant blankets
  15. Emergency lighting

Section 2. Luminescent signaling systems.

Appendix to annex:

List of UNE standards and other internationally recognized standards.

  • Annex II, minimum maintenance of fire protection systems.

Section 1ª. Active protection against fire.

Table I. Quarterly and bi-annual maintenance program for active fire protection systems.

Table II. Annual and five-year maintenance program for active fire protection systems.

Section 2. Luminescent signaling.

Table III. Maintenance program for luminescent signaling systems.

  • Annex III. Minimum human resources in installation, maintenance and fire protection system companies.

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We will continue to keep you with this new fire protection regulation, ROYAL DECREE 513/2017 in future publications.

At PEFIPRESA, we are pleased to see a leap in the demands created by this new regulation in the interests of increased security measures.