propagacion en incendios desarrollado gran agravante para la extincion

The spread of a fire, great aggravating factor for extinction

Of all the types of claims in industries, the fire claim is the one with the highest cost. Almost 60,000 claims caused by a fire have a cost of 369 million euros.

A large part of the problem for extinguishing fires in the early phase is incorrect compartmentalization, which means that the fire is not confined and cannot be controlled by professional extinguishing services.

The points where sectorisation is normally most compromised are the passages of installations (electrical, sanitary, telecommunications, fire protection…) through independent fire sectors.

Causes that aggravate the spread of a fire

All of the above is especially aggravated in hidden spaces, such as atriums, false ceilings, technical floors and service galleries.

On the other hand, it is essential to pay special attention to those rooms that, even though they are the same sector with respect to the adjacent spaces, require a certain tightness that allows an effective action of the extinguishing systems by total flooding using gaseous agents, where a permanence of the concentration of the extinguishing agent in the risk to be protected in a certain minimum time for a correct effectiveness in the extinction, such as rooms with a high electronic and computer component.


propagacion en incendios desarrollado

PEFIPRESA, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the sector, has optimal systems to comply with regulatory requirements and specific needs presented by each establishment in everything related to the sealing of facility passages.

The systems that PEFIPRESA have (KBS Sealbag, KBS Panel Seal ABL and KBS Coating) demonstrate this.

Most appropriate systems for rooms and electrical equipment

The KBS Sealbag is the appropriate system to be used in rooms with a high electrical component that can be expanded, modified, etc. It is easy to install and replace, allowing installations and equipment in this type of room to remain alive throughout their useful life without compromising safety.

KBS Sealbags are pads made of a fiberglass fabric inside which is a combination of mineral fibres, water-insoluble components and special flame retardant additives.

For its part, the KBS Panel Seal ABL is the system generally recommended. Solve any installation step, no matter how inaccessible it may be, using a rock wool and KBS coating system.

KBS coating consists of water-based thermoplastic resins, inorganic fireproof fibers, fillers, pigments, and various flame retardant chemicals.

Finally, it is worth highlighting theKBS Coating. As a particular case, cable galleries present a considerable risk of fire propagation due to their linear configuration and the possibility of combustion of the cable covering elements.

Recommended means to reduce the spread of a fire

In order to reduce the possibility of fire propagation in this type of installation, it is advisable to have the necessary means to interrupt the continuity before the fire through said elements. For this, it is recommended in document 5-31 of FM Global.

Another of the particular uses of the system is the protection of wiring in large power plants, where the need to avoid a rapid propagation of the flame through the wiring is absolutely necessary.

KBS Coating is a water based ablative fire protection coating specially developed for fire protection of bundled electrical cables.

Our systems have been tested under recognized standards, such as UL, ISO, EN, NBN, Arêtè, CM, DIN, BS, ASTM, SABS and IEC, and also have FM Global approval .

Finally, it should be noted that PEFIPRESA is the only official supplier and installer in Spain and Portugal of the company’s products BASF, a leading German chemical company worldwide. BASF products and solutions help conserve resources, ensuring sustainable development and continuous quality improvement.