Nuevos sistemas de reduccion de oxigeno para la proteccion contra incendios en almacenes frigorificos

The Oxeo Prevent VPSA oxygen reduction system for fire protection system in cold storage facilities

When concerned with the level of fire protection safety, we inevitably think… “Should a fire occur, are my systems capable of extinguishing it? …” With the new Oxeo Prevent System based on VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, and the expertise of PEFIPRESA and MINIMAX those fears disappear.

PEFIPRESA offers the market this solution which consists of a controlled supply of N2 to the area at risk by reducing the concentration of O2 below the levels of ignition, (fully tested) and proactively controls the level of oxygen to provide permanent protection against the possibility of a fire.

Main advantages:

  • Economic, saves space and easy maintenance.
  • Ideal protection for goods.
  • No side effects to health from extinguishing agents.
  • Modular and flexible design, ideal for large volumes.
  • Thawing of the product is not necessary at any time.
  • Minimizes the negative effects of oxidation.
pci en almacenes frigorificos

VPSA system component diagram

With the VPSA technology, we generate N2 from the natural atmosphere from a simple and compact system. The system works by generating a flow of compressed air at low pressure and subsequently passing through drying and filtering systems to later supply one of the two or more tanks, containing the molecular sieve. 

After a process of absorption the CMS (carbon molecular sieve) is saturated with O2 as the N2 passes through. While the first tank is depressurized using a vacuum pump, the second tank is supplied with air and the process starts again, maintaining a constant and continuous cycle.

From the system, nitrogen is driven through galvanized pipes to the risk area.

Oxygen Reduction System for Fire Protection

Considering the renewal of air present in the enclosure, as well as the design concentration needed, we select the type of nitrogen generating equipment with the flow rate necessary to keep the oxygen level within the limits required to protect the risk area.

The system is self-regulated thanks to a series of oxygen sensors inside the risk area, which send readings to the main control panel that command the system to open and close the nitrogen supply keeping the risk area protected.

The VPSA Oxeo Prevent Systems are performance based design alternatives that simply eliminate the risk of a fire occurring, turning it into a unique system that PEFIPRESA makes available to the market, changing the concept of protection through engineering in Fire protection.

PEFIPRESA, at the forefront of engineering in fire protection!