adrian gomez como presidente de la asociacion tecnifuego aespi congreso nacional jefes de seguridad barcelona

D. Adrián Gómez, President of the Association Tecnifuego Aespi, will speak at the 2nd National Congress of Heads of Security, Barcelona

PEFIPRESA‘s General Director D. Adrián Gómez, will take part in the 2nd National Congress of Security Heads in the safety block in the industry section. He will participate with a keynote presentation on the installation and maintenance of fire safety systems.

On the purposes of this congress is to continue the theme of education and information which was initiated in the 1st Congress held in Madrid.

Another objective, given the new legislative developments and the challenges faced by the Chief of Security, Peldaño and the Association of Security Leaders in Spain (AJSE) is to take an extensive look at the functions of the Chief of Security in collaborating between public and private security.

In terms of the new regulation affecting private security, congress will identify and assess the role of the Chief of Security and how the new changes, duties and obligations are to be publicised.

New opportunities recognised by the Chief of Security in and outside of companies will also be addressed at the conference.

For those interested in attending, the conference will be held on 5th April 2017 at the Auditorium of the Association of Commercial Agents of Barcelona (COACB).