nuevo ripci reglamento pci

Procedural rules approved for Fire Protection Installations, RIPCI

The Council of Ministers approved last Friday, May 19, by means of a Royal Decree, the Regulation of fire protection installations (RIPCI). In this sense, it has been published on the website, arguing the following:

The purpose of the same is to determine the conditions and requirements for the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of the equipment, systems and components that make up the active fire protection installations.

The RIPCI is essential for fire safety as it incorporates both the requirements arising from the implementation of European legislation, as well as the regulation of sectors that were not covered and products that were not covered by harmonized standards.

In the publication made by La Moncloa, the following aspects are specified:

  • The conditions and requirements that fire protection equipment, systems and components must meet.
  • The conditions of qualification and operation of the installation and maintenance companies.
  • The conditions for the installation, commissioning, minimum maintenance and periodic inspections of these facilities.
  • The sanctioning regime.

Fire protection installations are currently governed by a Regulation of November 5, 1993. However, the evolution of both the technique and the regulatory framework makes it essential to update and review the requirements established in the aforementioned Regulation. Specifically, two Community Regulations from 2008 and 2011 can be cited.


On the other hand, the 2004 Fire Safety Regulations in industrial establishments and the 2006 Technical Building Code establish that the design, execution, commissioning and maintenance of fire protection installations fires, as well as their materials, components and equipment, must comply with the provisions of their specific regulations. Consequently, it is necessary to establish the conditions that the equipment and systems that make up the fire protection installations must meet in order to ensure that their operation, in the event of a fire, is effective.

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