certificacion CEPI en inspecciones y control de instalaciones pci en norma NFPA

The importance of CEPI Certification in the inspections and control of fire protection facilities, based on the NFPA Norm

The importance of the inspection and control of fire protection systems is unquestionable for various reasons:

  • Its mission is to save lives and property.
  • They are systems designed to operate in critical situations in adverse environments. An error in their design or installation can have serious consequences.
  • They are systems that only operate under revision/inspection or in case of fire.

Fire protections facilities contemplate a wide range of risks, and it is vital to know what they are through experience and continuous training. Each and every possible solution needs to be analysed carefully in terms of its characteristics and the accurate application and interpretation of regulations during their design, installation and maintenance phases. With this understanding, an error can not only lead to a critical situation, but can also have serious implications for facilities that are governed by international standards, such as NFPA.

The NFPA is an international organization that has been developing standards since it was founded in 1896 to protect people, their property and the environment from fire.

Through fire regulations and their publications, the NFPA establishes sound principles for protection and safety. NFPA publications have been translated into several languages and are referenced throughout the world.

In order to ensure their correct application of these principles CFPS (Certified Fire Protection Sepecialist) was created in 1971. Currently known as CEPI, this credential is a balance between training and practical experience. A specialist that completes this training in fire protection achieves professional recognition as an expert in NFPA.

PEFIPRESA, currently holds the prestigious CEPI credential through its trained and highly experienced professionals in fire protection making us an internationally recognisable facilities specialist.