fendium pipe high durability against corrosion fire extinction

Fendium, the innovative pipe with high durability against corrosion that increases efficiency in firefighting

The Fendium pipe is a steel pipe with a special polymer that protects it against corrosion both outside and inside.

The polymer protection is formed in a chemical process that bonds the polymer and steel providing an extremely high level of corrosion resistance, unlike paint and powder coating.

This patented system manages to extend the useful life of the pipe compared to conventional pipes, without treatment inside. Fire suppression systems typically remain unused for long periods of time, even years, inactive or at rest. However, they must be ready to work at any time, with Fendium the functionality of the extinguishing system is improved.

These pipes are available with different levels of polymeric protection appropriate to the respective corrosion conditions existing in the environment.

The Fendium Basic Series of pipe is intended exclusively for use in wet pipe sprinkler systems.

The Plus series provides even stronger polymeric protection and is therefore also suitable for areas with increased risk of corrosion, including:

  • Dry Pipe and Preaction Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Low pressure water mist systems
  • Hydrant systems and dry column
  • Spark extinguishing systems

This pipe is produced in the world’s largest pipe prefabrication plant for the PCI industry, MV Pipe Technologies (Minimax Viking group) located in Germany.