mantenimiento pci universidad sevilla

PEFIPRESA, company chosen to carry out the maintenance services of the University of Seville

The University of Seville (US) is a public university based in Seville, Andalusia, (Spain). It is the third Spanish university in number of students and the first in Andalusia, as well as one of the oldest, with more than 500 years. In the Times Higher Education Ranking it is in the top 600-800; and, among the best 400 in Engineering and Technology and also in Computer Science worldwide in 2019.

More than 80,000 people make up the university community, including students, professors, and administration and service professionals. It has more than 55 buildings and a remarkable artistic historical heritage, in which seven buildings declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, thousands of works of art, as well as an important historical archive stand out.

The Library of the University of Seville, with 1,507,097 volumes, is the third largest university library in Spain after the Library of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Library of the University of Barcelona.

Maintenance of PCI Facilities at the University of Seville

The US, due to its need to carry out inspection and maintenance operations for fire protection installations (Detection and Extinction), in order to maintain the facilities of the University of Seville in a perfect state of conservation, making rational use and taking full advantage of said installations, lengthening their useful life and, in accordance with the applicable regulations; chooses PEFIPRESA as the company that maintains and executes said works, as well as the main company in the Framework Agreement to execute any type of works and major reforms, in the different buildings and facilities that make up the entire university community.

PEFIPRESA, therefore, as the company chosen to perform maintenance services for fire protection installations (detection and extinction), will carry out the predictive, preventive, corrective, conductive, technological and technical-legal maintenance of all the facilities, equipment and Fire Protection systems of the University of Seville.