jornadas de actualizacion para tecnicos de prevencion de IBERMUTUAMUR

PEFIPRESA participated in the great success of the update days for prevention technicians of IBERMUTUAMUR held on 18-19th September 2017

On 19th September 2017, PEFIPRESA opened its doors to its technical training center. It also launched its showroom to IBERMUTUAMUR an association with more than 90 years’ experience, providing accident prevention at work workshops. During these two days, PEFIPRESA delivered a training session divided into two parts.

Firstly, PEFIPRESA presented the latest news regarding the new fire protection regulation RD 513/2017 in its technical training room. Secondly, a guided walk-through to the various areas of the showroom in which the Technical Director explained our ‘know-how’.

With the various systems at hand within the showroom, we were able to demonstrate how they interact and the logic behind them in a tangible and practical manner.

The IBERMUTUAMUR risk prevention technicians were able to experience firsthand by seeing, hearing and having contact with the various fire protection solutions and sense a well-made safety system, in both active and passive protection.

Fire Protection training for prevention technicians

At the end of the session, the IBERMUTUAMUR risk prevention technicians watched firsthand and “in-situ” the activation of various nozzles and sprinklers in the exterior section of PEFIPRESAs showroom.

Through simulation techniques, the technicians were able to experience each one of the automatic water extinguishing systems nozzles. Through the training sessions at PEFIPRESA, we were able to demonstrate the way in which we operate, makes us unique. PEFIPRESA would like to thank all the risk prevention technicians who took part in the training and a special thank you to Eladio González, Risk Prevention Director and Julián Calvo, Director of South Madrid for their willingness and interest in the program.

It has been a great experience for PEFIPRESA to work with the team at IBERMUTUAMUR.