camara cctv deteccion incendios bosch

Presentation of the Innovative Bosch AVIOTEC 8000i IR Fire and Smoke Detection Camera

At PEFIPRESA we are always at the avant-garde in security and fire protection solutions. Recently, we have taken a big step by hosting an informative and training day at our facilities aimed at our facilities department, where we have had the privilege of learning about one of the most impressive technological advances in fire and smoke detection: the Bosch AVIOTEC 8000i IR Fire and Smoke Detection Camera.

The main objective of this day has been to deepen the knowledge and use of the AVIOTEC 8000i IR camera, a revolutionary tool in the field of security. This IP camera is not just a device; integrates advanced artificial intelligence to detect both flames and smoke at their source.

This approach allows much faster detection compared to conventional detection systems, constituting a critical window in fire prevention and response.


camara bosch cctv deteccion incendios

Fire detection CCTV camera

The AVIOTEC 8000i IR camera is designed to overcome various challenges in different environments.

Difficult Environmental Conditions:

Its advanced technology allows reliable detection even in the most adverse conditions.

High Ceilings and Variable Light Conditions:

Its ability to adapt to different heights and lighting situations guarantees effective monitoring regardless of the circumstances.

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Areas With Variable Activity:

From moving crowds to changing objects, the AVIOTEC 8000i IR can discern between the ordinary and the potentially dangerous.

Semi-open and semi-outdoor spaces:

Broadens the spectrum of surveillance, providing solutions where other systems may not be effective.

Zones with High Fire Load:

Especially relevant in critical areas where the risk of ignition is greater.

This camera has proven to be particularly effective in a variety of environments, including industrial sectors, transport systems such as airports and railways, logistics and warehousing, and in the increasingly important parking lots for electric mobility.

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At Pefipresa, we are committed to excellence in security and this day is a testimony of our constant effort to update and improve our capabilities and knowledge. We thank Bosch for this fruitful collaboration and are motivated by the possibilities that this technology opens up for our customers and future projects.

We remain committed to innovation, anticipating risks and protecting what matters most.