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Pefipresa is committed to the integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions with BIM models in its projects

It may seem like a challenge to implement new technologies in work processes in the construction execution phase, in PEFIPRESA we are convinced that these tools are key to transforming the sector and achieving greater efficiency, cost savings and an increase in productivity.

The application of virtual and augmented reality in fire protection during the execution phase offers numerous advantages. For example, the superimposition of the BIM model on the work through a simple mobile allows efficient interaction, reducing time and costs.

In addition, this technology allows to visually identify the exact place on the construction site where incidents can be resolved, which contributes to a faster and more effective response.

Advantages of using BIM models on site

Another important advantage is the possibility of instantly updating the status of pending reviews using the 3D model, which provides accurate monitoring from the construction site.

In addition, virtual and augmented reality facilitate the detection and resolution of interference or problems in complex areas in a visual and interactive way, which improves the planning and design of fire protection systems.

augmented virtual reality bim projects and works

BIM technology applied to projects and works, security and monitoring

It is relevant to highlight that these technologies keep all workers informed of protocols and notices visually and instantly, thus improving communication and safety in the workplace. Additionally, stakeouts can be carried out and levels marked digitally using mobile devices or tablets with augmented reality, eliminating the need for imprecise tools and streamlining work processes.

Thanks to virtual reality, it is also possible to visually and digitally track the progress of the work, allowing changes to be modified, verified and synchronized in real time. Finally, the use of a digital checklist of on-site reviews facilitates a spatial review before the final delivery of the work, guaranteeing the correct implementation of the fire protection systems.

PEFIPRESA is committed to innovation and the incorporation of augmented and virtual reality in its fire protection works and projects. These technologies provide numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, costs and productivity, while improving the quality and safety in the execution of works.