instalacion pci planta murcia

PEFIPRESA: Successful completion of the new fire protection facilities at the Interquim plant in Murcia that the Ferrer company has just inaugurated after the fire it suffered in 2015

PEFIPRESA successfully completes the installation of the new fire protection systems in Ferrer’s Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients finishing plant – Interquim SA, which is the industrial and research center of the pharmaceutical company based in BEniel, Murcia.

The new facilities were inaugurated by the Murcia’s regional president Pedro Antocnio Sánchez- López, following the blaze in 2015. An investiment of €5.2m was invented in the factory which is dedicated to the final stages of processing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients involving crystallizing, drying, milling and micronizing.

Among other systems, PEFIPRESA installed new automatic sprinkler extinguishing systems, NOVEC 1230 an automatic extinguishing agent system, and fire detection and alarm system distributed in different parts of the factory.

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