nueva cualificacion profesional de montaje y mantenimiento de instalaciones de proteccion contra incendios

Approved the new professional qualification for assembly and maintenance of fire protection facilities

Several Royal Decrees have recently been approved by the Council of Ministers, one of them specific for the qualification of fire protection.

nueva cualificacion profesional montaje y mantenimiento pci

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, within the Plan for the Modernization of Vocational Training, has specified a National Catalog of Professional Qualifications to respond to the most demanded professional profiles, establishing new professional qualifications, among which is that of PCI: Assembly and maintenance of fire protection installations

Tecnifuego, together with a working group of companies in the sector, and Cepreven, have collaborated in making this Qualification a reality.

New Fire Protection qualification

In addition, with the entry into force of the New RIPCI in accordance with R.D. 513/2017, it is imposed as a mandatory requirement for fire protection installation and/or maintenance companies to have at least one qualified worker on staff in each of the systems for which they are authorized.

cualificacion profesional montaje mantenimiento de instalaciones de pci

The operator will need to obtain a certification that certifies that they have passed specific training in the matter in order to carry out work on Installation and/or Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems.