digitalization of processes company fp

Pefipresa bets on the digitization of processes

PEFIPRESA for years has been committed to the digitalization of processes that mean improvement in productivity and control in the management of the company.

The first major milestone was achieved with the implementation SAP as the engine in the management of the various areas of the company, Administration, Purchasing or Project Management.

This tool has been improved and expanded with own developments to meet the needs of specific company departments such as Manufacturing, Offer Management, Customer Analysis, etc.

digitalization of processes company

The management of PEFIPRESA decided to increase its commitment to digitization after analyzing the successful adaptation of the team to the new tool. Analyzing the areas of the business with the greatest administrative burden, it was decided to entrust the management of the maintenance area to a solution that would allow office management, field technicians and, ultimately, make it easier for customers to access to any document related to your maintenance contract.

At PEFIPRESA we believe that the organization must have a transversal vision to achieve its objectives.

This means that all processes must be able to communicate with each other and avoid redundancies or repetitions in management. To do this, we analyze, adapt and improve each of our processes. This has made it possible to increase productivity and competitiveness as an essential step to become leaders in the fire protection sector.

The next challenge to continue increasing this digitization process is to reach BIM maturity in each of the offices that make up PEFIPRESA, manage the projects through this methodology and integrate the maintenance management of the facilities through communication with these tools.