pefipresa empresa con mas calificaciones CEPREVEN

PEFIPRESA holds nine CEPREVEN qualifications the highest in the market

The CEPREVEN qualifications are compliment to those officially required in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of fire safety installations.

The qualifications committee is composed of representatives form the insurance sector, installers, users and competent bodies, who collectively manage the procedure. The secretary of the qualification committee is responsible for proccesing records, technical management and monitors the decisions taken.

“Spot” inspections are carried out periodically by authorized verifiers, whose reports are madre known to the qualifications committee.

The procedure ensures that installations follow the conditions set within the project, design, assembly, acceptance and maintenance requirements.

With the aim of maintaining our leadership and being a reference in the market, we hold all current CEPREVEN qualifications. With great team effort PEFIPRESA has obtained a further qualification in Smoke Control – bouyancy/scan.

With this latest archievement PEFIPRESA is one of only five companies to hold the qualifications in smoke Control – bouyancy/scan and is the only company to maintain a total of nine ratings with CEPREVEN.