jornada sobre sistemas SCTEH SODECA

PEFIPRESA holds a conference on the latest international trends and developments in SHEVS systems with SODECA

Being aware of the high degree of specialization required by the fire protection sector, PEFIPRESA based on its awareness of safety, this April, a multi-day conference was delivered at the national technical training centre in Madrid on the Systems of Control of Temperature and Evacuation of Smoke (SCTEH) together with Mr Santos Bendicho from SODECA.

This conference focused on current issues, as well as the implication of new developments in the regulatory framework, trends in the international environment and the impact on future projects. Over the few days, there was a strong input regarding performance based designs and the important responsibility that is being conferred to computer tools for computer simulation.

PEFIPRESA, through these conferences, contributes to the responsible professional growth and development of our engineers, allowing them, among others, to keep up-to-date in a constantly evolving system in the field of fire protection engineering.

Finally, PEFIPRESA would like to thank SODECA and especially Santos Bendicho, for their commitment and involvement in the conferences.