pefipresa centro de formacion de proteccion contra incendios pci

Pefipresa creates its Fire Protection Training Center in Madrid

Pefipresa, once again at the forefront of fire safety, has created a Fire Protection Training Center at its Madrid facilities, a space of 450 m2 dedicated to the training of professionals working in the sector.

Both external companies and their own personnel will be able to learn and refresh themselves on new products and solutions for fire extinction, being able to carry out real demonstrations.

centro de formacion madrid de proteccion contra incendios pci

Fire Protection Training Center in Madrid

In this space you can experiment with any FP system for installation, prevention and maintenance in different dangerous situations. Simulation structures and extinguishing tests with real fire are available in different rooms, such as:

  • Room automatic ceiling and shelf water sprinkler systems
  • Fixed water mist extinguishing systems room
  • Room fire detection and alarm systems and passive protection
  • Automatic water and foam sprinkler room
  • Rooms for temperature control and smoke evacuation systems
  • Room automatic extinguishing systems by gaseous agents
  • Fire Pumping Group Room
  • Area of differential pressurization systems
  • Fixed water spray extinguishing systems
  • Electronic practice room
  • Mechanical practice room
  • Multipurpose training classroom
  • Fixed physical foam extinguishing systems
  • Dry column systems
  • IPF-39 Floor outlet socket (I)
  • IPF-39 Floor outlet (II)
  • IPF-40 Floor outlet with section key
  • Fire hydrant systems
  • Area for unloading fire extinguishers without residue

In addition, training is provided on current regulations on Fire Protection.

This Fire Protection Training Center in Madrid of Pefipresa has the approval of the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines.