PEFIPRESA en Jornada sobre seguridad contra incendios en hangares y terminales aeroportuarias

PEFIPRESA, participates in the success of the Conference on fire safety in hangars and airport terminals

On June 7, PEFIPRESA participated as a sponsor and also delivered a presentation at the organized event of CEPREVEN and TECNIFUEGO-AESPI, at the College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Madrid (COITIM) on Fire Safety in hangars and airport terminals.

Presentations were delivered by experts from distinct protection technologies that explained their applications in these types of risk areas. Usable detection systems, automatic extinction methods (depending on the type of hangar), smoke control and compartmentation solutions, and applications of gas extinguishing systems were reviewed. They also exposed how the concept of fire safety in airport terminals is developed, from the perspectives of performance engineering, and the insurers view of protection in these types of risks.

PEFIPRESA’s Technical Director presented a paper on a specific solution by combining Automatic Water Sprinkler Systems and High Expansion Foam Generators. This paper focused on the analysis of the design criteria based on NFPA 409, FM Global DS 7-93, EN 13565-2 and UFC 4-211-01, from a range of hangars and designs, finally concluding with a comparison of these criteria.

PEFIPRESA regularly contributes and actively participates in events of this type to disseminate and exchange information and most importantly continuously develop the fire protection sector, in order to increase security for the benefit of all.