PEFIPRESA implanta SAP la solucion tecnologica lider en el mercado

PEFIPRESA, installs SAP, the market-leading ERP system

In order to modernise and strengthen the company’s software infraestructure, PEFIPRESA installed SAP the market leading ERP system. The results have been very positive with regards to productivity, the flow of information, flexibility, unification and standardisation. Above all, since moving to SAP we have improved our response times to changes in the market and become visibly more competitive.

The dedication of our internal resources to work together proactively, recognise the challenges and manage the complexities led to the success of the installation of SAP. The official launch was in November 2016 and is now successfully operating as the business and operations management tool throughout the company.

Working with a specialised SAP consultancy firm assisting our installation requirements, we were able to achieve a tailored solution specific to the needs and demands of our industry. A series of integrated mobility solutions in SAP allows us to be visibly more agile whilst on-site especially in the Services area of our business. Using this latest technology we can transfer information fast and provide real-time updates to management with regards to reviews, reports, notifications, incidents, breakdowns etc. PEFIPRESA, a pioneer in the use of mobile technology is seen as a reference in the field of fire protection systems.

As we benefit in the returns of our software investment, we will continue to update our installation of SAP to optimise productivity, efficiency and our management of the company.