PEFIPRESA implanta su nuevo Module Customer Service and Mobility supported by SAP

PEFIPRESA implements its “Customer Service and Mobility Technology” supported by SAP

PEFIPRESA completes its first year with the new Customer Service and Mobility Technology with the support of SAP. Since implementing the module and rolling it out to the multiple branches across Spain PEFIPRESA has taken a great leap in terms of its productivity, confidence, reliability and execution times whilst maximizing a high quality of service.

Since the technology allows the local and mobile systems to feed into one centralized system we are more proactive in terms of our performance guarantees, management of large unforeseen costs arising from unexpected events, reaction/execution times and seamless access to information. We can also make technical and specific queries about an installation, retrieve historical data, cross check information and most importantly, all in real time.

From an operational point of view, we can keep a detailed control of inventories, incidents, breakdowns and chronological detail.

The implementation has been a huge success as we can respond rapidly to the changing needs and demands of our customers in the interests of their security.

Our secret of success:

• The effort, experience and professionalism of the those that make up our team.

• A solid awareness of our strategy based on equality, promoting diversity, combined with teamwork as a source for innovation.

• Research, development and implementation of a successful combination of the most advanced next-generation mobile technology together with a powerful GMAO system in collaboration with SAP.

• More than 50 years’ of experience in the field of fire protection and being a part of the prestigious Minimax group. Through this latest technology, PEFIPRESA is once again at the forefront of Fire Protection Safety, and a front runner in the area of development in

Maintenance activities. PEFIPRESA“Our know-how, keeps you safe”.