PEFIPRESA has become the first and only company in the market to quality for the new certification in PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION from CEPREVEN as of today

The objective of remaining a leader and being a reference in the market, PEFIPRESA not only continues to maintain all CEPREVEN qualifications in force, it has also qualified in the new PASSIVE PROTECTION area.  With a huge effort from everyone and great teamwork, PEFIPRESA has obtained the Compartmentalization and Structures qualifications in the following categories:

Compartmentalization: Systems and solutions to limit propagation

– Installers of door systems, gates and mobile closures.

– Installers of automatic textile curtains.

– Installers of glazed elements.

– Installers of compartmentalization systems using panels (walls and slabs, roofs fringes, ducts etc).

– Installers of protective sealing in installation steps.

– Installers of protective measures in passages containing combustible pipes.

Structures; Systems and protective solutions for structures

– Installers of structural protection systems with the use of panels.

– Installers of structural protection systems with the use of paint.

CEPREVEN ratings are complementary to the official requirements, to improve the quality and effectiveness of fire safety installations.

A Qualification Committee comprised of representatives from the insurance sector, installers, users and competent bodies, manage the procedure. The secretary of the Qualification Committee manages CEPREVEN, in terms of processing files, technical management and also monitors the decisions taken.

Controls “in situ” are carried out periodically by authorized verifiers and are reported back to the Qualification Committee.

The procedure overlooks the adequate conditions of the project, design, assembly, reception and maintenance of the facilities.

Why is this certification important for the sector?

Contrary to Active Protection, there is a significant regulatory gap in the field of Passive Protection and furthermore, installers and maintenance providers operate unregulated.
This fact implies that Passive Protection installations can be provided by personnel without the minimum qualifications and necessary experience.  Therefore, this unawareness unbalances the overall objective of Fire Protection.  Where the synergies between both Active and Passive Protection are lacking in an integrated security system for building, industry, etc., it leads to insecurity and lack of confidence in the facilities of Fire Protection.

Through PEFIPRESA’s voluntary qualification in Passive Protection with CEPREVEN, this step forward will drive changes in the market in order to minimize problems arising within the sector of Passive Protection and the increased level of safety will benefit all.

For more information you can access the news on the CEPREVEN website: