visit ie pacifico cepreven tecnifuego

Pefipresa receives the visit of IE Pacífico, Cepreven and Tecnifuego

At the PEFIPRESA facilities, we received a visit from the management team of the IE Pacífico Institute of Madrid, accompanied by the responsible for CEPREVEN and TECNIFUEGO. During the visit and by the hand of the technical manager of PEFIPRESA, David Segura, they were able to see first-hand its showroom in which all the fire protection systems are installed for testing.

IE Pacífico provides professional training in Madrid and has signed a collaboration agreement with TECNIFUEGO so that its students can do internships at Pefipresa or at other associated companies.

In addition, it is collaborating with TECNIFUEGO and CEPREVEN in the preparation of the professional certificate that both associations are developing with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

The professional certificate will mean the first professional training course in Fire Protection in Spain, which constitutes an important step in this area in which nothing exists to date, and which will alleviate the needs of qualified personnel in the protection sector. fire protection.