pefipresa como patrocinador ha participado jornadas dia del fuego

PEFIPRESA sponsors the emplematic Day of Fire, welcomed by the sector a great success

PEFIPRESA as a sponsor of this event, engaged as a participant in the success of the sector’s emblematic day “Day of Fire” under the title: A global look at fire safety one year   after RIPCI,   organized by TECNIFUEGO in collaboration with CEPREVEN. These conferences were held in San Sebastian, at the TECNUN headquarters, on October 25; in Madrid, at the Engineering School of Spain, on November 28; in Valencia, at the headquarters of ACVIRME, on December 11 and finally in Barcelona, ​​at the Escola de Bombers de Montjuic , on December 12.

The events coincided with the launch of the new RIPCI, reporting on current issues and state of the art fire safety (SCI) in two areas, passive protection and active protection. The most anticipated section was that of the Maintenance Act, relating to detailed documents prepared by distinct committees in Tecnifuego to facilitate the work of the installer/maintainer and to professionalize maintenance tasks, a primary task in fire safety, since well-maintained equipment is fundamental to its effectiveness in case of fire. PEFIPRESA is proud to have collaborated through the Tecnifuego committees the development and creation of the Act.

The events were a great success thanks to the attendance of professionals, well respected figures, and expert speakers in the field of fire protection engineering.

PEFIPRESA regularly contributes and actively participates in events of this type to disseminate and exchange information and most importantly continuously develop the fire protection sector, in order to increase security for the benefit of all.