jornada contra incendios AXA XL Iberia

Pefipresa gives an exclusive technical workshop for AXA XL Iberia

The Pefipresa Technical Department offered an exclusive technical conference for the AXA XL Iberia Risk Control and Prevention team.

Part of the meeting took place in the training room, where, through a specific presentation, they were informed of the possible technical solutions that can be implemented in each of the fire risks both in industrial establishments and trades facing the PCI industry.

In the second part, by visiting all the rooms of the SHOWROOM of Fire Systems of Pefipresa, The AXA XL team was able to actually check each of the fire protection systems including; system automatic extinction by gaseous agents; system detection and fire alarm; fire pump group; passive protection; system automatic water and foam sprinklers; including, in addition, syst. of water sprinklers on the ceiling and on shelves at intermediate levels.

For Pefipresa, it has been a pleasure to have AXA XL and we want to thank the attention shown, without a doubt this company has a great team of professionals who watch over our safety.