Pefipresa y TFS Grupo Amper firman un acuerdo para la proteccion contra incendios

Pefipresa and TFS Grupo Amper sign an agreement for fire protection

PEFIPRESA and TFS of the Amper Group, a manufacturer of intelligent pressure control systems, have reached a commercial agreement with the aim of betting on the digitization of remote control and attention services, for the security and 24/7 monitoring of its clients’ establishments.

For both companies, this represents a strategic alliance, either to consolidate the introduction of the TFS Grupo Amper system at a national level, or to guarantee remote and secure management of the PCI systems designed, installed and maintained by Pefipresa.

The importance of digitization

Innovation and intelligent systems are one of the differentiating elements of the Amper Group. With solutions for all types of public and emergency services through proprietary products such as Gemyc, nemesis and the MPR family of mobility solutions, the integration of surveillance and infrastructure protection systems and the possible incorporation of Tetra, LTE and other telecommunications systems radio technologies or Amper’s PoC service.

In this sense, PEFIPRESA has taken a step forward with the conviction of providing a differentiating service, leading the digitization of detection and extinction of fires to its clients.

For this reason, the agreement between both companies is to bet heavily on digitization. Pefipresa is a leader in the sector, with a high capacity to adapt to market needs, fast, efficient and personalized service that achieves a high degree of satisfaction and loyalty among its customers.