PEFIPRESA jornada sobre Seguridad contra incendios en edificios en altura

PEFIPRESA’s active participation in the successful seminar: Fire Safety in High-rise Buildings

On March 14, PEFIPRESA sponsored and presented at the “Fire Safety in High-rise Buildings” seminar organized by CEPREVEN, TECNIFUEGO and the Official College of Industrial Engineers from Madrid.

The day was prepared as a professional meeting that included the participation of experts from different areas of fire protection where they explained their applications in this type of risk, as well as methods of extinguishing under different fire protection systems. We also heard the point of view of a firefighter based on his experiences.

PEFIPRESA’s technical director presented a paper on automatic sprinklers and the specific requirements for their design in high-rise buildings. The presentation focused on the analysis of the design criteria based on CEA 4001, UNE-EN 12845 and FM Global.

PEFIPRESA through these conferences, contributes and actively participates in the dissemination of knowledge through the exchange of information in order to promote ongoing progress and therefore, greater safety in fire protection.