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Successful sessions at Pefipresa for Willis, insurance broker, on Fire Protection solutions

During several days held at the headquarters of PEFIPRESA for the company Willis, an insurance broker dedicated to risk, insurance and human capital advice and intermediation, training was carried out on the different fire protection solutions. The conference took place at the Pefipresa facilities, where professionals and experts in the Fire Protection sector met.

These sessions were held in collaboration with Honeywell, thus joining efforts to implement effective solutions that protect industries against various risks and included both a theoretical and practical part in the PCI showroom in Madrid.

The first day focused on highlighting the importance of collaboration between companies and the need to implement effective solutions for protection against risks in the industry. During the presentation, they shared knowledge and experiences in the field of protection, providing valuable perspectives to attendees.

On the second day, innovative technical solutions in risk protection in the industry were highlighted. The speakers emphasized the importance of choosing solutions adapted to the specific needs and challenges of each sector, providing attendees with a comprehensive view of the latest technologies and protection solutions available.

Both days had the active participation of attendees, who had the opportunity to visit the Pefipresa showroom. This allowed participants to closely explore the technical solutions presented and understand how they can be applied in real risk situations.

The successful collaboration between WTW, Honeywell and Pefipresa in these sessions demonstrates the companies’ commitment to offering cutting-edge technical solutions and improving security. Through training, professionals are provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to advise their clients and minimize the risks associated with their activities.