pefipresa sicur 2024 incipresa canon incendios

PEFIPRESA present at SICUR 2024 supporting INCIPRESA, a MINIMAX Group company

PEFIPRESA, once again present at SICUR 2024, supporting INCIPRESA, a company also belonging to the Minimax group.

During this week Incipresa will be showing its innovative solutions for emergency vehicles (rescue, rescue, fire and civil protection vehicles) at the International Safety Show.

The vehicles designed and manufactured by Incipresa are equipped with high-performance fire pumps, fire engines, water tanks or other extinguishing agents, as well as rescue tools, depending on the needs in each case, since The use of these vehicles can be urban, rural, forestry or military.

pefipresa sicur 2024 incipresa incendios

Among the novelties that Incipresa presents at SICUR 2024 is the MXOne high-performance extinguishing turbine. This high-performance extinguishing turbine is revolutionizing firefighting.

With its next-generation design, MXOne offers unparalleled fire protection in a wide range of industries and environments, from chemical plants and refineries to airports and hangars, as well as wildfire. MXOne generates a highly efficient water mist that absorbs large amounts of energy, providing effective cooling and reaching even hidden fire sources.

This innovative water fog technology minimizes the risk of damage from dispersion of burning material, thereby reducing the spread of fire and protecting people and property from the effects of heat.

You can visit Incipresa at stand 8D01 until Friday at the Ifema Fairgrounds.