TENDAM conoce centro formacion pci madrid Showroom PEFIPRESA

TENDAM has remarkable experience at the Pefipresa Showroom

Each day PEFIPRESA’s showroom grows bigger. Recently, we have had the pleasure of receiving a visit from TENDAM (formerly, Grupo Cortefiel).

The visit took place in the technical training centre of PEFIPRESA’s headquarters in Madrid. There were two parts to the visit; a theoretical part and a practical part (a hands-on experience).

The first part took place in the polyvalent training room of PEFIPRESA where the latest developments in fire security and the historical events leading to the new fire protection regulation RD 513/2017 were presented.

In the second part, TENDAM, were invited to experience and sense the interaction of the systems offered in the showroom. PEFIPRESA’s technical manager demonstrated the main Fire Protection systems; automatic extinction in gaseous agents; fire detection, alarm and Passive Protection; fixed extinguishing sprinklers for automatic water spray and foam; automatic sprinklers of water in ceilings and shelving; fire pump units and various systems in the exterior testing area.

At the height of the visit, TENDAM saw a demonstration of the firing of different nozzles and sprinklers installed in the outdoor testing area of ​​the Showroom.

PEFIPRESA, with its security awareness, can now demonstrate and disseminate its knowledge and expertise with an experience of the real systems in operation.

PEFIPRESA would like to thank the TENDAM team for their visit and their trust, interest and professionalism.

If you would like experience today, the security that you may have in the future, do not hesitate to request our showroom experience via email:   showroom@pefipresa.com