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PEFIPRESA delivers ‘water-based fire extinguishing sistems’ training with its in-house showroom

PEFIPRESA‘s ambitious policy of continuous in-house training and its awareness of the high degree of specialization required in our field of work, a co-ordinated training program with the manufacturer on the KBS-ITUR pump units was especially designed for our technical staff. Three technical seminars were delivered form July to September specially on water-supply fire ectinguishing systems.

Pump units are the heart of water-supply estinguishing systems. Without them water-supply fire extinguishing systems, such as sprinklers, fire hose reel, etc., would not function correctly and therefore fail to meet the objectives for which they have been designed.

The session were divided in two parts. At first, the theorical part with a review of the general technical concepts, procedures and operations of predictive, preventice, corective maintenance, inspection and star-up in conjunction with aspects of risk prevention and the application of relevant rules. This was followed by a practical session in the pump section of the showroom to emphasise the theorical understanding where the attendees could see, touch and operate teh equipment to deepen their technical knowledge and understanding.

PEFIPRESA‘s in-house training of its technical staff through with the latest technology, delivers progressive, consolidated and  comprehensive knowledge in the field of fire protection.