Oxeo Ecoprevent Oxygen Reduction System and Automatic Fire Detection in Barcelona for PATEL



The client, the company PATEL, S.A., a wholesale meat company belonging to the VALL Companys group, needed to install an inerting system to control the risk of fire inside an automatic freezing silo.

Installation of Oxygen Reduction System, Oxeo EcoPrevent

PEFIPRESA, analyzing the needs, designed a customized PCI solution based on the reduction of oxygen inside the risk to be protected. Oxeo EcoPrevent systems use nitrogen to guarantee effective protection against fires with the highest level of safety, reducing the oxygen concentration to below the threshold of the ignition limit of the stored product, a value obtained through real fire tests of the unit. of cargo to be stored at the MINIMAX research and development center in Bad Oldesloe. The operating principle of this type of system is to keep the oxygen concentration below a value in which the ignition of any product or material inside the warehouse cannot occur.

To complete the solution, an Automatic Fire Detection system was installed, with the main protagonists of the system being the smoke suction systems, designed with special care to cover the entire volume of the building.