Plaza Rio 2 Mall



PEFIPRESA carried out the installation of the new fire protection systems, both active and passive at the highly modern and stunning Plaza Rio 2 Shopping Centre.

More than 40,000 square meters of commercial space, an investment close to €200M, 160 shops and the largest terrace restoration in the capital with more than 3,000 square meters. The site which sits on the banks of the river Manzanares, has some of the most outstanding features which are highly discussed in multiple mediums of communication, which makes it a resounding success.. Here at PEFIPRESA, we are sure that it will become a benchmark for leisure and restoration in the capital.

Fire Protection Systems installation in a Shopping Center in Madrid

In this project, PEFIPRESA provided installations for the main facilities of the shopping centre, including its premises and garage. The solutions carried out stand out in Passive Protection; the system of sectoring by using hidden mobile elements (the vertical and horizontal type with large dimensions), solutions lined of conduits and sealing of installations points.

The Active Protection installations also stand out; automatic extinguishing systems by means of sprinklers, automatic extinguishing systems by gaseous agents, fire detection and alarm systems, fire pressure group, manual extinguishing systems by means of BIES/Extinguishers and pressurisation systems in evacuation routes.

Finally, and the most innovative, a performance solution in the garage area by means of impulse ventilation system for smoke and heat caused by fire, supported by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) computer software.  These were verified by real simulated fire tests, in the presence of the main authorities and official organisations in Madrid.